What We Offer To Society

  • Accessible Treatments and Medicines: Offering treatments
    and medicines at concessional and affordable rates to
    underprivileged individuals.
  • Natural and Holistic Treatments: Advocating for the
    effectiveness of natural and holistic approaches in healing.
    Success Beyond Conventional Medicine: Demonstrating
    success in cases where traditional medical practices have
  • Pioneering Holistic Nutrient Therapy: Introducing
    innovative therapies under Dr. S. Parthasarathy’s guidance,
    providing new hope for those considered beyond
    conventional medical help.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Initial Surveys and Needs Assessments

Conduct comprehensive surveys and needs assessments to identify the specific
requirements of the target communities, ensuring that the interventions are precisely
tailored to their needs.

NGO and CBO Partnerships

Partner with local NGOs and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to utilize their onground presence and understanding of the community dynamics, facilitating smoother
project implementation.

Digital Platforms for Education

Leverage digital platforms to offer educational content and training modules, making it
easier for the community members, especially the youth, to access valuable

How we do

  • We strive to improve the quality of life of the rural poor by strengthening and improving their existing health system and livelihood programs, initiative new activities to diversify and increase their quality life and income.
  • To develop community owned and managed institutions to sustain the livelihood activities and to improve the availability and access to quality health care for poor and marginalized
  • To develop well trained and highly capable local service providers in health and food security to provide timely support to the members.
  • To develop community-based models for health care management in order to achieve sustainable and holistic development.
  • To work in collaboration with the government and the industry along with non-government domestic and international development health-care organizations through “Dhanvanthri Holistic Healing centre”- as a medium of serving the sick society.