Our Objectives

What we do

  • To improve the quality of healthcare services for poor and underprivileged people.
  • To eliminate hunger by giving health solutions to the rural poor and children being healthy citizens of the country.
  • To build aDhanvanthri Holistic temple of Healing “for developing and serving people with good healthcare& mental strengthening by providing our pioneer formulations & meditation & yoga camps to create a fit society.
  • As Care-givers, we would exhibit improved Maternal Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN) practices and utilize correct health and nutritional services in society to reduce malnutrition and critical childhood illnesses.
  • Adolescent girls – Strengthened adolescent girls’ health and improved knowledge on health & hygiene.
  • General Health Check-up, Training & Counseling: Identified major and common illness, trained and counseled patient for necessary treatment.
  • To cure and prevent various deadly illness like HIV/AIDS & Cancer etc., through rural health camps.
  • To promote community-based organizations (Self Help Groups) at grassroots level for holistic and sustainable development in rural areas.
  • Increased productivity in agriculture and livestock and increased number of food secure household in target area
  • To provide livelihood promotion and social inclusion services to the poor and low-income people in rural areas with innovative solutions.
  • People become self-reliant by ensuring food security in each house hold through livelihood intervention.
  • To promote value-based holistic education among children, women and youth for improving their life development.
  • To undertake evidence-based research on various development themes of healthcare to society.
  • To network with Corporation, Government health departments, NGOs, and CBOs for establishment of healthcare facilities to the society.